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 A Ghostly Knight On The Bridge - Bickleigh Devon UK

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PostSubject: A Ghostly Knight On The Bridge - Bickleigh Devon UK   Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:01 am

The picturesque village of Bickleigh is nestled deep in a valley and at its heart lies an old stone bridge straddling the river Exe.

Prince's "Worthies of Devon" published in 1699 tells of a quarrel taking place in the vicinity of the bridge, sometime in the 14th century, between Sir Alexander Cruwys and a member of the Carew family.

Sir Alexander won the quarrel by dispatching his opponent with a blow from his sword and then throwing his lifeless body into the fast running waters of the Exe.

Now, every year at midnight on mid-summer’s day, Sir Alexander’s ghost in full armour can be sighted riding his charger across Bickleigh Bridge, proudly displaying the ghostly head of his vanquished opponent under his arm.
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A Ghostly Knight On The Bridge - Bickleigh Devon UK
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