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 Weird Orb Thing In My Room

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Weird Orb Thing In My Room Empty
PostSubject: Weird Orb Thing In My Room   Weird Orb Thing In My Room Icon_minitimeFri Jan 10, 2014 9:02 pm

Here is a 13 second video clip, pulled from a larger video, showing something that I can not debunk as being a bug or insect. I have freeze framed it, screen captured it, but can find no definition to it. This was shot in IR, with a Funai camera/camcorder. These camera/camcorders are very low-end, around $50 USD. However, they seem to capture a lot of stuff my Sony, and Toshiba do not. Mostly in the form of EVP- this time, however, I caught visual evidence. What do you think?
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Weird Orb Thing In My Room
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