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 The Old Cemetery - Barnes Common - London UK

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PostSubject: The Old Cemetery - Barnes Common - London UK   The Old Cemetery - Barnes Common - London UK Icon_minitimeTue Sep 10, 2013 9:24 pm

One night in September 1837 a businessman, crossing Barnes Common on his way home, was suddenly startled by a hideous looking figure that vaulted over some railings and landed with a thud in front of him. One look at its pointed ears, glowing eyes, and prominent nose, was sufficient to send the man fleeing in terror.

Over the next few months a ‘ghost, imp or devil’ carried out a number of attacks on people as they crossed common at night

From these beginnings Spring Heeled Jack, or at least his legend, captured the Victorian public’s imagination and sightings of him were reported all over the country for many years afterwards.

The mystery of who, or what, the monster was has never been solved, although a finger of suspicion has been pointed at a Marquis of Waterford who apparently enjoyed jumping out on people and pinning them to the ground in lonely country lanes.

The Old Cemetery on the Common is one of the eeriest and seemingly neglected burial grounds imaginable.

Toppled monuments litter overgrown paths, an abundance of headless stone angels struggle to free themselves from clinging greenery.

It is little wonder that tales of ghostly figures, including a floating nun who hovers over the cemetery, are whispered of in hushed tones by those who pass through this creepy, yet truly atmospheric place.
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The Old Cemetery - Barnes Common - London UK
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