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 Castel a Mare’s Malevolent Ghost - Torquay, Devon UK

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PostSubject: Castel a Mare’s Malevolent Ghost - Torquay, Devon UK   Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:57 am

Castel a Mare... Torquay’s very own Amityville horror once stood between the houses of Norfolk Lodge and Grendon in Middle Warberry Road.

History tells us that in the 1870’s the house was the scene of two brutal murders. In a state of madness, the owner - a local doctor - murdered his wife and maid in an upstairs bathroom.

Reports of strange happenings at the house were common place, disembodied screams and footsteps were heard and a dark malevolent energy was reported to haunt the property.

Indeed, horses refused to enter the stables and dogs would howl outside in the street. Needless to say, no tenant would stay in the haunted house for very long.

The haunted house fell into disrepair in the 1920’s and was demolished... Locals hoped that never again would a house be built on the haunted site, but a while ago a new house was built... Builders reported strange occurrences and a malevolent atmosphere in the new upstairs bathroom . They said it made them feel ‘a bit spooky’
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Castel a Mare’s Malevolent Ghost - Torquay, Devon UK
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